Helping the Chronically Overworked Find Life Balance

Idolbuster Coaching Institute

Dr. Greg Marcus, Founder

Dr. Greg Marcus, Founder

Dr. Greg Marcus founded the Idolbuster Coaching Institute to help chronically overworked people find life balance.

During his ten years in the corporate world, Greg got a front row seat to the personal and business costs that come from a lifestyle of overwork. He understands why it happens, and has a proven method that helped him reduce his hours by a third while accelerating his career. And he did it without changing jobs.

The Idolbuster Coaching Institute offers 1:1 coaching, webinars, audio seminars as well as online materials.

We specialize in people between forty and fifty who have started to question whether they are on the right track. Many are successful at work, but are secretly paying a price in their personal lives.

But we work with people of any age who have had enough of the always on expectations, and want a better life today.

What Overwork Looks Like

An Overworked life

The fruits of an overworked life

Does this look familiar?

Would you rather work fewer hours to spend more time with the people you care about? What if at the same time, you increased your employment security?

Would you like to find time to start living your life now?

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