Helping the Chronically Overworked Find Life Balance

About Greg Marcus


Greg Marcus is a recovering workaholic who helps the chronically overworked work fewer hours while thriving in their career. Watch the video to learn the story of how work made Dr. Greg feel worthless, and how he overcame those feelings and brought his life into balance.

In his own words:

In my first incarnation, I was a scientist, getting a Ph.D. from MIT and doing my post doctoral work at Stanford, both in the field of molecular biology. I had eight publications in nine years, but after working on the 1998 governors election in California, I decided that I had too many interests outside of the lab, and decided to leave the academic world.

In my second incarnation, I was a marketer in the biotech industry. I brought to market the first products for genome wide association studies that changed the face of human genetics. Over 1,500 peer reviewed papers have been published since I launched the platform in 2003.

I also got a front row seat to the personal cost of high achievement.  One day, I realized that my company, and not my family, was the highest priority in my life.  My devotion to the company was a modern form of idolatry, and I needed to reconnect with my core values in order to change the priorities in my life.

Bride With Open Arms



So what do I call my third incarnation? Writer, philosopher, father, and husband are all labels that fit my identity, but the one I like best is storyteller. I like to tell the stories of people as they struggle to live their values in the face of a competing value system from their corporate employer.

Living your values offers a new and happier life.  It is waiting for you with open arms.

Greg prefers male gender pronouns.