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Something Special is Coming: American Mussar

American Mussar

What is American Mussar?

For the last year, I have been focusing on a new project based on Mussar, the 1000-year-old Jewish Spiritual practice. Mussar teaches us how to look inside, and find the parts of the soul that cause us to get in the same situation over and over again. Then, it offers a step-by-step, practical approach to bring balance and calmness to life.

Mussar has absolutely transformed my life in the four years that I have been practicing and teaching. My Mussar class grew out of my interest in work-life balance issues, and has grown to encompass spiritual balance to help live a good and meaningful life.

Now, we are on the cusp of launching access to American Mussar. American Mussar is Mussar practice reimagined for the 21st century Jewish population. All of the concepts are presented in English, and I present stories from the Talmud side by side with stories from life in today’s world. They aren’t so different on a spiritual and emotional level.

In the weeks and months ahead, look for a new website, information about the American Mussar APP, and my forthcoming book on Mussar.

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To learn more about modern Mussar, I suggest watching this wonderful G+ Hangout with Rabbi David Jaffe and Rabbi Ariel Burger.

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