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Chapter 4: Who To Trust At Work Post  2

While Silicon Valley is best known for their technology companies – Google, Yahoo, Apple, Hewlett Packard, Intel, and Facebook to name a few, the Bay Area is also home to some of the most cutting edge biotechnology and medical device companies.  These companies include Genentech, maker of blockbuster anti-cancer treatments; Giliad, leader in HIV treatments and Applied Biosystems (now Life Technologies) that invented the technology that sequenced the human genome. The best, brightest, and most ambitious come from all over the world to make their fortune, and to make a difference.

It is to this world that “Vijay” arrived in the late 1990s with his wife, small children, and a Masters in Biology from a leading Indian university.  Vijay is about five eight, a bit stout, and an interesting mix of focused intensity and social sensibilities.  The job at a small biotechnology company was a great match for his skills.  His attention to detail and meticulous record keeping were integral within the regulatory environment, and his “can do” attitude earned him a place on several key projects.  Vijay’s performance reviews were laudatory, and his boss didn’t hesitate to pull him into important meetings.  The science was interesting, the work rewarding and it all “felt like an adventure.” Life was good for the first eighteen months, with a promising career and plenty of time to spend at home with his wife and small children.

But that changed unexpectedly after he complied with a small, innocent sounding request.

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    This is the latest post from the serial book Busting Your Corporate Idol: How To Reconnect With Values & Regain Control Of Your Life. Vijay’s story will span at posts 1-4 of Chapter 4, and will be referred to throughout the chapter. Next Post: Wednesday 8/29 at 7:30 AM EST.
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