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Three Things I Did To Become Unstuck

This week I have been in a January Funk.  I don’t exactly know why, but I have felt a significant malaise.  Downright crappy.  A two week layoff from writing often makes me feel that way.  I’m not an “instant-on” type of person, so coming back to a series of deadlines for my blog has been an interesting challenge.

A funk is deadly, at least to me.  I like to get things done.  When I’m in a funk, it’s harder to get things done.  Then, I get really pissed off because the funk is preventing me from getting things done, which makes it even harder to get things done.  I read something I wrote while in the funk – lets just say I’ve read Nigerian chain letters that were better written.

Tonight, I feel like I”m through the funk.  Here are the things I did to get out of it.

1. I called a good friend.  He gets it.  He likes to get things done too, and he and I commiserated about how we have to endure funks from time to time. I reminisced about how I dealt with funks when I was a graduate student.  I used to do mini DNA preps, even when I didn’t need the DNA.  Why?  Because they always work.  He said: Greg you need to find a mini-prep equivelent for your life today.  Keep going, and things will work out.

2.  I ate massive amounts of chocolate.

3. I went to my writing group that meets every other Tuesday night.  We read each other’s work and give feedback.  They read the Nigerian chain letter piece of trash I wrote, and didn’t correct the grammar.  In fact, we had an interesting discussion about the underlying story.  One person in particular really connected with the anecdote I shared.

The cliche about 90% of life is just showing up?  It’s really true.