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It’s Not The End Of The World, Only a Delayed Launch Date

Today we are taking a break from Busting Your Corporate Idol for this announcement about the end of the world, or lack thereof.

If you are reading this, the world has not ended.   I feel bad for the Mayans  all anyone seems to know about them is that they blew it when it came to predicting the end of the world.  A sad irony really, because  they never in fact did predict the end of the world.  Mayan expert David Green explained on NPR that

The Maya never, ever, said anything about the world ending at any time — much less this year.

12/21/12.   I admit it, it’s a cool looking date, but it is totally arbitrary.

How many of you have been involved with a product launch date picked out of the air?  And yes, sometime in Q2 does count as arbitrary.    The best story I ever heard was from “Pat,” who ended up in the hospital once because he was working too much.  (Told in this post.) I’m happy to say Pat learned his lesson.  When he was a senior director at his previous company, the VP and head of product development decided that they were going to achieve something amazing – a breakthrough product in six months.  “He called everyone in in on Saturday,” and told the entire department to drop what they were doing to work on the project called “Lightsail.”  Pat did not disrupt his life to try to make it happen, and he told me with an exasperated grin “Guess what, he was off by 18 months.”   Throwing an entire department of a few dozen people at a project won’t make it happen.

Sometimes it just takes time to get things done.  It is important to work for  executives who will make allowances for reality. More people don’t necessarily help.

Which brings me to the December deadline for my book.  When I started blogging Busting Your Corporate Idol on June 11, 2012 I announced that I would complete the book by my birthday December 29th, my birthday.  Ten chapters in six months?  I had a good outline, and two chapters already written.  I knew that I have pushed myself very hard in the past, and have accomplished some amazing things.  I could do it now too. There was one thing I forgot: I was writing about people-first values. I still had responsibilities as the stay at home parent, and it seemed kind of silly to quit my job to bring better balance to my life in order to neglect my family and health to meet an arbitrary deadline for the book I am writing for free on my blog.

I have been going at a steady pace of a chapter every three weeks.  And if I project ahead, that means that I will finish the book sometime in February.

Thank you all for following along as the book has come to life.  I feel truly privileged to be able to live my dream, and am blown away that over 12,000 of you have visited the blog.

I hope you enjoy the last two chapters as much as you’ve enjoyed the first eight.