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Who To Trust At Work?

Chapter 4: Who To Trust At Work – the Scorpion, the Fox, or the Wolf? Part 1.

When I was younger, my future wife and I decided to hike off the trail between two mountain lakes in the high country of Yosemite National Park.  It didn’t seem like a big deal before we started.   That morning after breakfast, I asked the waiter where we should hike, and he suggested an informal path down a mile or so of dry creek bed.  The course looked pretty simple from the starting point, and I could see the destination off in the distance.  After an hour of navigating rocky descents, climbing over downed trees, running from bees and freaking out over bear tracks, there was nothing to see but trees in every direction. If it had not been for my fiancée’s good sense of direction, we might still be out there.  The waiter didn’t mean any harm, but I should have known better.  Then again, I was in my twenties.

At work too, an innocent-sounding request or suggestion can send you down a dangerous path, especially if you don’t think through the potential consequences to yourself. Like most of us who work in the Biotech industry in the San Francisco Bay Area, “Vijay” is a transplant, bringing his skills and knowledge to a new land of milk and honey.  The land is beautiful, the weather mild, and the spirit is among the most entrepreneurial in the world.  The newcomers are willing to brave the occasional earthquake for the opportunity to work at earthshaking companies.

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