Helping the Chronically Overworked Find Life Balance

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Dr. Greg helps the chronically overworked find life balance

Dr. Greg helps the chronically overworked find life balance

Do people tell you that you’re working too much?

Feeling stressed and unappreciated?

Exhausted by stress & aggressive deadlines?

How would you like to work fewer hours, spend more time with family, while at the same time increase your employment security?

I’ll be honest with you – life won’t get better unless you make it better. But it is really hard to know where to start when we are caught up in the day to day rush of an over-scheduled life. And there are so many voices telling us to work more, or that things will get better after the next product milestone.

Really? When has anyone at work every said “Ok, now you can take it easy.

This is why I developed my five step system to help you work less, and start living the life you want to have. As a first step, I’ll give you at least thirty minutes for a strategy session.

In this session, you will

  • Learn the root cause of your overwork
  • Understand the one thing you can do right away to bring more balance to your life
  • Feel hope and energized towards a better future
  • See how to change your priorities to start putting people first

As your life comes back into balance you’ll find yourself

  • more energetic and creative at work
  • less bothered by the chaos and stressors that are endemic in so many companies
  • feeling closer to your friends and family
  • happier and more fulfilled

I look forward to meeting you.

Dr. Greg 

Send an email to greg (at) or use the form below to schedule now

Here is what people are saying

This program totally delivered for me. Three months ago I was working over 70 hours a week and I lacked control over my work environment which was bleeding into my personal life. It was hard to make decisions and prioritize anything. The massive stress was making me really mean at home.

Thanks to Dr. Greg, I feel more grounded in both my work and personal  life.  I’ve hit my goal of working 50 hours a week! He taught me how to manage my superiors and peers, and I just got unsolicited feedback that my team is the most effective in the department! Overall I feel so much better, and I no longer dread going into the office. Home is much more peaceful now that I am back in the driver’s seat.”–Marketing Director, age 40

“I’m amazed how well Greg understood my situation in our very first call. I came away with some great suggestions on how to do things differently, to start spending more time with my husband.”  – Oksana Flanagan, Founder and CEO Your Royal Wedding, LLC

“I decided to take advantage of Dr. Greg’s coaching program because I felt like work followed me everywhere. Between the demands of the office and of family life, I wasn’t taking care of myself. I was growing increasingly anxious about the long-term consequences of the situation – something had to change.

As a coach, Dr. Greg is kind, encouraging, and easy to talk to. He was consistently a good listener, non-judgmental, and genuinely interested in finding ways to improve my situation.

In our very first session, Dr. Greg helped me find a way to work fewer hours without any negative consequences. The sessions that followed were equally helpful, and enabled me to approach my situation from a new perspective – a major improvement over where I was when we started. While I’m still productive, I no longer feel guilty about putting work aside or making time to take care of myself. I’ve started exercising and playing sports again, and I find myself much more able to step away mentally as well as physically, and give other aspects of life the attention they deserve.” – College Professor

“Thanks for spending time with me this morning.  Really helpful to have some third party perspective.  I have been reading your book the last few hours. It’s really wonderful and very therapeutic. – Marketing and Development Consultant

“After our first session, I realized that I’m sandwiched between two scorpions and it makes for an uncomfortable situation.  I’ve decided that it’s not worth my emotional energy to engage in a power struggle.  It is time to take care of myself.” – Director of Software

Greg is extremely intelligent and a caring person. He listens and has great insight. Greg sifts through your thoughts and goals and gently nudges you in the right direction so you can easily make the proper decisions for your business. – Medical Professional

To schedule your free strategy session, just use the form below, and suggest some times when you are available. My preferred times are 11 AM and 1 PM PST

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  1. Linda Jones says

    I thought I was unique. Is here a similar program to AAA for Workaholics?

    • Hi Linda,

      Don’t worry, you are not unique. There are millions of people struggling with the same things we are. I’ve found a way through, and share that with people through my book and 1:1 coaching. AA works in a group setting, so the program itself is a bit different. However, I do consider myself a recovering workaholic. Everyone who completes the program has seen a dramatic change in their lives.

  2. I’m on Don’s webinar and could REALLY use help!!


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