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Are You Too Nice?

I'm feeling really good about the event I organized last Sunday. We had over 60 people at An Afternoon of Mussar, almost half of whom had never explored Mussar before. 60 is quite extraordinary for a first time event. We ended the day in a giant … [Continue reading]

When Was the Last Time You Smiled Deeply?

when was the last time you smiled deeply

This morning when I was leaving the synagogue after Torah study, I passed a bunch of tween boys arriving for a friends Bar Mitzvah. They were dressed in their jackets and/or ties, and they were excited. It was so cool to see this ethnically diverse … [Continue reading]

Are You Paid Fairly?

This morning I read an encouraging and thought provoking article in the San Jose Mercury news about two local companies working to address the pay gap between male and female employees in Silicon Valley. Women only earn $.84 for every dollar a man … [Continue reading]

The Spiritual Side of Going to the Bathroom

I had an interesting experience recently with one of my study partners. We were reading a 15th century Rabbinic text about the Mussar soul trait Enthusiasm, and the author wrote the following: "One must be especially zealous not to delay … [Continue reading]

Do Looks Matter For Success?

Do Looks Matter for Success? When it comes to my book, I think they do. I'm excited because for the first time, my book has hit the top ten on Amazon in the Work-Life Balance category. What has changed? The cover and the keywords. I'm putting my … [Continue reading]