Helping the Chronically Overworked Find Life Balance

Google Lost Its CFO to Poor Work Life Balance

Back from a wonderful four day weekend in Hawaii, the annual maintenance trip my wife and I take to Kona to look after our condo. We hadn't been in over a year, and wanted to see the new tile that replaced the awful carpet. The tile looked great, and … [Continue reading]

White Collar Workers More Dishonest On Survivor

Are White Collar Workers Inherently Dishonest? The new season of Survivor says Yes This season a new gimmick - there are three tribes - white collar, blue collar, and no-collar. I've done all three, although mostly white and no-collar. I can relate … [Continue reading]

Why Getting an Agent is Like Losing the Superbowl

I now have an agent to represent my forthcoming book about Mussar, the 1000-year-old Jewish Spiritual practice of personal ethics. As I write, he is pitching it to publishers. Should I celebrate now? On the one hand, it is an important milestone. … [Continue reading]

Sales Training and Spiritual Transformation

On Wednesday night, I saw my Mussar* teacher, Alan Morinis, give a talk. He was amazing as always. He said something that really hit me - Learning is not transformational. Experience is transformational. His latest book explores the 48 ways of … [Continue reading]

Report Says Women Should Speak Less to Get Ahead at Work

Did you see the blockbuster article in the NY Times by Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant discussing why women don't speak out at work? Women who present ideas in meetings are often ignored, or are talked over by men, who run with their idea. When I told … [Continue reading]